Göktuğ Grup , is a company that has been working on the production of sugar cube machines and packaging machines since 1996 . Being committed to innovation, our company goes on using its experience for designing new models and for continuous improvement.

    Göktuğ Grup started production with the C type sugar cube machines and in time designed and developped 10 new models. In the year 2007 automatic filling unit was installed on these machines, which was the first time in the world.

    Furthermore,  along with the C type machines, the production of R type full automatic sugar cube machines was started. These machines, capable of making both lumpy firm and easily soluble sugar , have the automatic packaging system and are designed in different models according to your production demands.

    Along with the sugar cube lines , Göktuğ Grup  continues  the production of single and double wrapping machines, stick-pack machines,lump sugar and conic hard sugar machines in accordance with the highest quality standarts.


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